Medical Contributions

robotic procedures


The Vattikuti Institute Prostatectomy was Dr. Menon’s first robotic success, and is used around the world.

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His robotic radical prostatectomy featured less blood loss and faster recovery times than similar open surgical prostatectomies.Click here for more details


The Robot Assisted partial Nephrectomy With Regional Hypothermia uses ice slush for internal cooling while

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surgeons remove the cancerous part of a kidney, preserving kidney function rather than removing whole kidneys. Click here for more details


The Robotic Kidney Transplant With Regional Hypothermia uses Dr. Menon’s novel ice slush and transplantation techniques

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to better preserve live donor kidneys during robotic transplantation.  Patients have reported significantly lower post-op pain and return to normal life faster.  It is now being done in 20 centers across the globe. Click here for more details


The Menon Precision Prostatectomy has improved outcomes for many prostatectomy patients.

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By leaving a small portion of the prostate and nerve bundle, patients are reporting improved continence and sexual function following their surgery. Click here for more details